The studio KD was founded in 1998 on the basis of the LARA-DIT architectural bureau created in 1992, the buildings developed by LARA-DIT won professional awards numerous times and defined the direction of KD studio work.

The studio started to work on designs for both new constructions and existing buildings requiring refurbishment. More than forty objects have been implemented on the basis of projects developed by KD studio so far, and many others are being designed and constructed.

Practical experience has shown that for ingenious exclusive ideas for projects to be implemented, one needs to build and raise a team of specialists in various areas, who would be able to efficiently work together. As a result, teams of masters processing wood and metal and those of specialists in construction and finishing jobs. Also a group of woodworkers was formed, members of the group are mostly are graduates of Moscow State University of Art and currently they create all sorts of wooden objects. Today this work has become a component of KD Architectural studio’s creative work under the name of MKD (Furniture KD), where exclusive smaller-scale projects are implemented along with architectural ones.